It is with wondrous and honest amazement that we announce that this September will mark 10 years of Hootenanny Art House! 

Back in 2007, our idea was to create a vibrant, spirited, and creative location that would welcome all. Our greatest hope was, and continues to be, that Hootenanny would encourage and help foster a sense of community and extended family that celebrated our big little neighborhood and beyond.

In those ten years we’ve been humbled by the great big energy and love of our community…the amazing babies and kiddos and mamas and dads and nannies that have walked through our door to sing with us, dance with us, grow with us, make art with us, create with us, get inspired with us, get activist with us, and laugh and cry with us…

With all that in mind we’d like to say our deepest thank you’s to every one of you, big and small, far and wide, and invite you to our..


Over the years, as our parties got too big for the Hootenanny walls, we took to the Bell House to celebrate Hoots-n-Hollers and the House of Song, and most recently we ALL put our voices together for justice, the environment, and refugees in need of assistance, and raised money for the ACLU, and the IRC. 

On Sunday, September 24th we will be back to SING, DANCE, MAKE ART, EAT AN ENORMOUS CAKE ,  watch an EPIC slide show of ten years  of your beautiful children in action, and CELEBRATE with you! 

Tickets are available now!

We sincerely hope to see all of you there!