Winter classes begin December 12th. Registration for Winter is Open. We now have Thursday morning classes in addition to our Tuesday afternoon classes and are offering ART for 15 months through age 7! See descriptions below.

Fall Session Holidays: No classes September 21, 22, October 7& 9, and November 22-25, Last classes Tuesday Nov. 14, Thursday Nov. 30. Winter Session Holidays No Classes December 23-January, January 13-15, and February 16-23

10 week session $280, siblings $150.

Hooten-Art Ages 2-4 years

Tuesdays 3:15-4:00 and Thursdays 10:00-10:45, 

This class for the preschool-aged set values freedom to explore, open ended materials, and intriguing art invitations inspired by the natural world. Taking an approach that values the creative process over the finished product, project ideas are given while the children are encouraged to experiment and discover. We will balance guided projects with open painting while your little one is kept engaged by unexpected materials and a new individual project each week as well as collaborative work. The importance of communicating with one another is encouraged while respecting each child's own ideas and decisions in a nurturing environment. Children in this class are accompanied by a caregiver however you are encouraged to sit back and let the child engage in the projects independently.

Some projects and themes we will explore:

Painting with ice and snow

Exploring tinker trays - creating and building with clay and materials like sticks, rocks, shells and craft materials 

Introduction to sewing using embroidery floss and plastic needles 

Mixing, pouring and creating reactions with liquid watercolor and kitchen pantry materials

Exploring different painting methods using squeeze bottles, spray bottles, pipettes and kitchen utensils 

Tuesdays 3:15-4:00

Thursdays 10:00-10:45

Hooten-Art for big kids! Ages 5-7

Tuesdays 4:15-5:00, years

If you value freedom to explore, open ended materials, and intriguing art invitations that take inspiration from the natural world, then this is the perfect after-school art class for your child. Taking a process-based approach, we will experiment with unexpected materials while letting projects develop according to the children's interests. Your child will be kept engaged by a new individual project each week as well as collaborative work. The importance of creating and communicating with one another is encouraged while respecting each child's own ideas and decisions. Let's allow these children to seek their own answers to creative challenges while supporting them in a nurturing environment! This is a drop-off optional class. 

Some projects and themes we will explore:

Tinker trays

Exploring perspective through shoebox theatres

Collaborative painting on patterned fabric 

Creating wall hangings with painted canvas, sticks and wire

Making handmade pillows

Painting with ice and snow


FULL/ Toddler Art Play, Ages 15 months-2 years

Thursdays 11:00-11:45

This new class for young toddlers will follow an "open studio" format in which different art stations will be set up around the room so that the children can explore at their own pace. They will be free to roam from project to project spending as much time as they would like on each one. The art stations will be set up as "invitations" in which materials are set out in an intuitive and age appropriate manner, encouraging exploration and fun with art making! Care takers are present in this class and since this may be the first art experience for many of the children, grown ups are encouraged to give these budding artists the space to explore at their own pace and to focus on the process of creation rather than the finished product. Prepare for mess and rest assured all materials will be non-toxic and inspiring!

Some projects we will explore:

Exploring "creative tables" - tabletop playscapes with art materials

Assorted Sensory bins - squeezing colored water on cotton balls and ice cubes; sifting colored sand through funnels; mixing up "flower soup"

Large Collaborative murals

Working on a collaborative "city" made of recycled materials 

Painting with ice and snow 

Add a sibling to any Art Class: 

In Hannah's class the child is free to create, explore materials, and make her own decisions in a nurturing environment. Follow @thisgreatforest ( on Instagram for examples of Hannah's art practice for kids. Be prepared to get messy and have a blast making art this Fall!

Hannah Kasper Levinson grew up in Ossining, NY and received a BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and an MFA from Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Her paintings have been exhibited all around the world and she has created artwork for Cabinet Magazine and the band Yo La Tengo. She is building momentum as an independent art teacher following her beloved Los Angeles-based "Paint and Play" class. Featuring a process-based approach, Hannah's art classes for kids are inspired by nature, science, art history, and her own two beautiful children. See Hannah's paintings at and follow @thisgreatforest on Instagram for her art practice for kids.